Project EduBat Teacher’s Workshop – October 1, 2016 in Milwaukee, WI

The U.S. Forest Service and partners are hosting a stimulating, one-day teacher’s workshop – Project EduBat – on October 1 in Milwaukee, WI for high school and middle schools science teachers.  EduBat is a program that inspires, excites, and activates students to help out bats and the environment through inquiry-based learning!  This exciting educational program offers hands on, real world, and relevant learning across disciplines with a strong focus on science and mathematics.

This unique professional development opportunity is free and will be held at the Milwaukee Public Museum from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (with a half hour for lunch).  This workshop will occur in conjunction with the Wisconsin Bat Festival to provide you with the added opportunity to interact with bat biologists and agency representatives, as well as see live bats!

As a participant in this workshop, you will receive:Rob Mies

  • Award winning classroom-ready curriculum geared to National Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Creative lessons that integrate biology, mathematics, life sciences, and language arts to make learning fun for students
  • Outstanding professional development and a new network of experts to tap into
  •  Access to free bat educational trunks

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STOP THE PRESSES!  All attendees of the Project EduBat Workshop will have front row seats to a live bat program featuring bats from around the world including the world’s largest bat species!  Please arrive between 9:00 – 9:15 a.m. so that you don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Watch "Project Edubat - Education Taking Flight"

Bats are amazing animals that are vital to the health of our environment and economy - eating tons of insects nightly, pollinating flowers, and spreading seeds that that grow new plants and even trees. CLICK HERE to wach a webcast "Project Edubat – Education Taking Flight” to learn more about these important animals. This webcast features activities, resources, and lesson plans to help you teach both children and adults about bats. Learn how to use newly developed bat educational trunks that will be available across the country for your use! Special appearances by live bats and a few of our favorite bat experts including: Cathy Johnson, U.S. Forest Service; Dianne Odegard, Bat Conservation International; Ann Froschauer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and Leslie Sturges, The Save Lucy Campaign.


BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure brings bat conservation to life through webcasts, webinars, and online education resources. Bats are vital to healthy ecosystems and human economies worldwide. As primary predators of night-flying insects, bats consume enormous quantities of agricultural pests and reduce the need for chemical pesticides. Yet these wonderfully diverse and beneficial creatures are among the least studied and most misunderstood of animals. Bats are threatened worldwide, and their colonies and habits are destoyed — both intentionally and inadvertently — because of myths, misinformation, and lack of scientific knowledge and understanding.

BatsLIVE Webcasts and Webinars

Project EduBat

Bats need our help!

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Spotted Bat
Photo © Merlin D. Tuttle
Bat Conservation International